Bhavna Mehta


Bhavna Mehta

Bhavna completed her B.A.M.S. degree from Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Nashik, Pune University. Upon moving to Canada, she studied and completed her license as a Registered Practical Nurse, and also currently serves the Veteran’s wing at Sunnybrook Health Sciences. She has been teaching and practicing Ayurveda for the past ten years, in Toronto.

Bhavna’s unique role as both a Registered Practical Nurse and a clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner allows her to approach and view complex cases through both Eastern and Western angles. Her main subjects of interest are detoxification and rejuvenation, and Sevayu is happy to have Bhavna as part of the team of expert Ayurvedic practitioners.

The comfortable space, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists. I like it!

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thank you!

Thank you so very, very much!!!I was in pain in my neck, right shoulder, and back for three whole months.I feel so much better. Thank You!!!

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“From its ancient origins in India, Ayurveda has now spread all over the world. Its teaching uses a blend of herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, spiritual insight, practical experience, scientific analysis, and artistic creativity to guide us to a balanced fulfilled life style.”

― Sebastian Pole