Classical Ayurvedic Therapies

Please note – these therapies are given for informational purposes. For more information on any of these therapies, their applications or availability, please consult with a Sevayu practitioner.

Shamana Chikitsa (Ayurvedic Palliative Care)

Shamana Chikitsa is the process of balancing the doshas in the body through natural self-care practices. This includes Ayurvedic dietary regimens, fasting, exercise, etc. to provide light assistance to the wellness process, specifically related to the individual’s needs.

Among the therapies considered during a wellness consultation, these include:

Other General Ayurvedic therapies include:

Shodana Chikitsa (Purification therapy)

When the doshas live in an inharmonious state over a prolonged period of time, wellness concerns may arise in the individual. This requires a more direct approach in restoring them to their intended state. These include Purvakarma, Pradhankarma, Paschatkarma, and Rasayana.



When the offending doshas require release from the body, traditionally there are five measures for elimination.


After cleansing the doshas from the body, regimen for diet is given to follow after the panchakarma procedures, to restore your digestive fire.

Rasayana Therapy

After the panchakarma process is completed, the body is given tonification procedure, to gain more strength and fully rejuvenate the bodily tissues.